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It looks like a lot of school administrator type people have been watching our sources, and are blocking new unblockers pretty much as soon as they're released. So all the unblockers we've posted on this site are probably blocked and any new ones we post from that same source will be blocked very quickly as well. For this reason it'd be best if you try to make your own unblocker instead - you can find instructions on how to do this here: How To Make A Proxy

How you can get on Yahoo Mail at school - Week 41, October 2009

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The simplest way to get access to Yahoo Mail at school is by using an unblocker. You can get onto any blocked site with an unblocker.

What is an unblocker?

An unblocker is a kind of gateway that sit between your computer and the site you're trying to visit. The unblocker accesses the site on your behalf, downloads the page, and sends it on to you. So the site you want to be on only sees the unblocker's IP. So actually you are surfing sites in an indirect way. School firewalls only see you accessing the unblocker, not the real site.

Another method to unblock Yahoo Mail in school is to make your own unblocker site. This is harder than using an unblocker but it pays off because if they block it, you can make another. How to do this is not in this guide, but you can find a guide here: How to get on Yahoo Mail at school. You can even make some money from this by putting ads on it.

Here are some unblockers you can use to unblock Yahoo Mail: