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Numbers in April: Twitter and Facebook Shine, MySpace Stagnates

Facebook’s growth, both in terms of the number of users, as well as visitors, has to slow down one day. Well, it is slowing down now, but it’s still huge given how big Facebook already is. Compete’s numbers for April show that Facebook has grown from 91,000,000 to 104,000,000 unique visitors, a healthy 14.35% increase from March.

Where is MySpace in all this? Stagnating. As you can see in the graph above, the number of unique visitors are slowly dwindling, having fallen a 0.06% in March and 8.61% in a year. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what MySpace has been doing wrong; I’d say that users have simply outgrown it, and switched to other more innovative social networks like Facebook and Twitter, while they were unable - or unwilling - to change enough to keep up. It’s still a huge social network, but unless they do something radical, I don’t see their numbers going anywhere but down in the following months.


FBI Adds Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Profiles. MySpace Completely Dissed

The FBI is willing to do just about anything when it comes to tracking down bad guys. They did the widgets thing last year. And today they announced that they’ve “set up shop in several social media websites.”

They’ve now got profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles are highlighted. They even have billboards up in Second Life. But nothing is mentioned about MySpace. Except that you can add FBI widgets to “social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger.”

Source: FBI Adds Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Profiles. MySpace Completely Dissed